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Really Brief…

The power just came on after being out for several days due to storms; we’re about ready to walk out the door for a week on the beach sans connectivity. The ordination was wonderful–more on that later. Have a great … Continue reading

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Blogger Meetup!

The family and I had a great time hanging out with Lutheran Zephyr and his family last night. Things went well, everybody was quite comfortable with everybody to the degree that Lil’ G ending the evening with a spectacular meltdown … Continue reading

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Lutheran Chant Offices

Check this resource out, submitted anonymously over at OTOL. I’d never heard of this bunch before but their book and table of contents look fascinating. If there were more Lutherans like these around, I’d might still be one… LP, LZ, … Continue reading

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So Long and Thanks for All the Bagels

Today’s my last day working in NYC. No more daily 7.5 hour commute!! I’ve got a lot of dissertation time and reading time in but have really missed my family. It sucked but it had to be done–but now it’s … Continue reading

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Authority in the Church

So that last post got me thinking about authority in the Church. When I think anout authorities I naturally think about normative texts. Texts are useful for certain things because they’re static; they don’t change their content or their minds … Continue reading

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An Anglican Moderate

I am an Anglican moderate. What does this mean? Chiefly it means these things:• I fit neither of the extremes in the current debates• I hold to a literal interpretation of the creeds and place great importance on the sacraments• … Continue reading

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Dude, that Laptop is *Ancient*

h/t to Ed Cook of Ralph the Sacred River It’s actually a hinged tablet with a wax writing surface but hey…

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