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Daily Office Cheat Sheet

In doing some internet searching for class prep I ran across a handy outline for the Rite II offices. I posted this over on OTOL so I’ll direct you there.

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"Q, get the Sandal of Death!"

…what I heard when I tried to check email before bedtime. Did I mention one of the inevitable facts of life in Dixie? Roaches. Big ones, little ones, fast ones, slow ones, ones that sit there in the middle of … Continue reading

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Forced Out

M and I were forcibly ejected from bed early this morning. Why? Because Hello Kitty needed to sleep there. Yes, Anastasia, it was American Idol Hello Kitty to whom I had to surrender my bed…

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Back on line

Finally–modem access! Still hip-deep in boxes and in appliances that don’t work in the new pad… Too, our oldest daughter–who’s been with the in-laws–arrives today. I’ll be around but sporadically perhaps till everything gets stable.

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Still Packing…

Yeah, the time stamp is accurate. The movers will be here with their truck in another five hours and we’ll be more or less ready when they arrive. We’re not doing too bad–after all, we’ve gotten a whole seven hours … Continue reading

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