Lutheran Chant Offices

Check this resource out, submitted anonymously over at OTOL. I’d never heard of this bunch before but their book and table of contents look fascinating. If there were more Lutherans like these around, I’d might still be one… LP, LZ, LC, (and the rest of y’all, of course) be sure and check it out!

Update: I seem to have a pattern going… A couple times now I’ve linked to a great resource I’ve discovered–only to find that bls has beat me to it… (mea culpa! I do have a good excuse–it was right after Lil’ H was born)


About Derek Olsen

I'm a layman within the Episcopal Church with a PhD in New Testament and an interest in most things medieval, monastic, and liturgical. My chief job is keeping up with my priestly wife and our two awesome kids. In addition to that, I earn a living, run the St Bede's Breviary, listen to loud goth/industrial music, and do some stuff for the church. I currently serve as Secretary to the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music where I'm also co-chair of the Calendar committee and chair of the Digital Publications committee.
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4 Responses to Lutheran Chant Offices

  1. LutherPunk says:

    I have seen this site. It is interesting and now that they have published their book, it is on my list of books to buy.

  2. bls says:

    Well, now I know that you don’t really read my blog; you must just skim.

    I posted a link to that site in February, and another one fairly recently (can’t remember just when).


    (Probably I should cut my post length down a bit, so people can get through it all….)

    Congrats on the end of your monster commute. Hope the move goes well, and of course the ordination next week.

  3. bls says:

    A baby? What kind of excuse is that?


    BTW, from some of the things I’ve heard, the LLPB is a sort of Lutheran FiF. Wouldn’t you know it?

  4. LutherPunk says:

    BTW, from some of the things I’ve heard, the LLPB is a sort of Lutheran FiF. Wouldn’t you know it?

    True, in a sense. It is primarily made up of LC-MS (that’s Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod for you Anglicans) folks. I have great respect for the liturgical movement in the LC-MS, but they wouldn’t even recognize me as Lutheran. Still, they are providing a good resource.

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