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Historical Note

The last post got me thinking about this so I thought I’d share… Interestingly enough, the modern study of Old English (quick note: the language is Old English, the culture is Anglo-Saxon; people don’t speak Anglo-Saxon) was kicked off by … Continue reading


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Mandatory Medievalist Reading

Found here. Hat-tip to Dr. Nokes.

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Early Medieval Theology

In reponse to bls’s comment–here’s some real early medieval theology for ya! It’s a chunk of chapter 2 wherein I collect from several sources the fundamental narrative that Aelfric works from. My working title for this file is “Aelfric’s Kerygma.” … Continue reading

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Things are proceeding well:* M will be deaconing at our parish in Philly. Yay! It’s not a job, but at least she’ll be able to do some of the things that she’s called to do.* We’ve been a little concerned … Continue reading

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Can’t wait till tomorrow!

Between the ice storm and the likely transit strike tomorrow’s commute is shaping up to be a whole barrelful of laughs…

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Where’d they go!?!

So it’s almost Advent 3 and I’ve just now found my Daily Office Book for Year 2 from the box it was hiding in. I’ve been using my good ol’ BCP and Bible before now. I have to say–I’m annoyed. … Continue reading

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Scripture III

Origen of Alexandria, in wrestling with the Scriptures in the second century–thus at the beginning of the Christian exegetical project–wrote these words: For just as man consists of body, soul, and spirit, so in the same way does the scripture, … Continue reading

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