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Philly Anglo-Catholic News

Word on the street is that the diocese is beginning action against Good Shepherd, Rosemont. Personally, I’m ambivalent about this. M began attending midnight mass there with her father when home from college and I begam making that pilgrimage too … Continue reading


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Where Is It!?!

It’s now over a month since we moved–and I still can’t find my favorite cookbook. I’m getting highly annoyed. There are at least three dishes I want to cook but they’re all in there:* oven-dried sun-dried tomatos for our famous … Continue reading

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Proclamation from the NY Bishops’ Summit

A copper kettle is a must. Not just because it has an old-fashion flair and because it’s really expensive–the thermal conduction and chemical composition do actually help. Fresh cream is essential. Can’t start without a good base. And don’t get … Continue reading

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On the Anglican Breviary (and Others)

AbstractThe Anglican Breviary (AB) is a wonderful resource. I heartily encourage all liturgy geeks and those with a curiosity about the Roman roots of the current hours of prayer to get this book. It is a showcase demonstrating that liturgical … Continue reading

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Blogger Meet-up

Well, the downstairs of our house looks better than it has in a while. G’s room, on the other hand… It looks like a natural disaster occurred there. Which is incorrect, actually–two natural disasters occurred yesterday–my own Lil’ G and … Continue reading

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That Convert Zeal…

I loved this! And it goes for more than just Catholics (and Orthodox) as well in my experience… 😉 HT to A conservative blog for peace.

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So I’m slowly getting back into the groove of things. M is firmly ensconced in her parish and is working greatly doing all sorts of good things. The girls are in day care, with G going to pre-school at the … Continue reading

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Back Online…

My connection was finally restored today. And my Anglican Breviary arrived today too… 😀

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