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Sin and Theresa of Avila

When I read through spiritualities of the past, I find that I don’t have the same psychology of sin. A great many of the medieval mystics, Caroline Divines, and other luminaries I read speaking of weeping over sins–and they mean … Continue reading

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Christian Identity Carnival!

In light of church-wide events, I thought it would be edifying to take a look at people who aren’t paid theologians or high muckety-mucks and see what we really believe–establish some “facts on the ground” as it were. Especially with … Continue reading


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The Archbishop Speaks

And his text is here. (There’s a summary at the top, the full text is below. Finally–a readable, comprehensible, intellegent statement about the Anglican Communion from the person who is supposed to be at its head. It’s not a spanking; … Continue reading

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Korah and Dathan

The Daily Office lectionary is currently heading through a bit of Numbers 16 which brings us the interesting story of Korah, Dathan, et al. and their confrontation with Moses and Aaron. Here’s the quick summary. Korah, Dathan, and a whole … Continue reading

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Bede and Sigeweard

Or “No, Owlfish, I really am a medievalist and do write about my dissertation here, not just the endless internecine feuds of the Anglican Communion…” but that seems a little verbose for a post title As many of you know, … Continue reading

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Updated: Ok, Anastasia, I put the link up. For those with an interest in Catholic liturgy, check out the Royal Proclamation on the new English liturgy by poet/musician/translator/traditional Catholic King Alfred. More unconfirmed–but publically printed–rumors suggest that ++York indicated satisfaction … Continue reading

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Christian Identity

Here’s my contribution to the carnival… I. The Scriptures Blessed Lord who hast caused all holy Scriptures to be written for our learning: Grant that we may in such wise hear them, read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest them; that … Continue reading

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The Truth Needs To Be Heard

I had wondered about this yesterday and it seems that the rumor mill is doing nothing to allay my fears. It is very important for the cause of clarity to see a breakdown of which bishops voted for which candidates. … Continue reading

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NIN/Bauhaus Show

It was awesome. It was so cool to see Bauhaus live. For those unfamiliar, they are widely regarded as the fathers of the goth rock movement. Think the Psychedelic Furs, but louder and darker. The only problem with their set … Continue reading

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Sarum Anglicans?

In thinking about the various Anglo-Catholic tribes, one way to order them is to consider how they define Catholicism and particularly what set of documents, texts and liturgies they appeal to as final authorities. Is it Whole-Church-ness and thus an … Continue reading

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