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Alteration as Correction or Corruption?

Here’s an interesting T19 post… I really am all for using original wordings and texts and complete texts. It’s amazing how many of our hymns in standard hymnals have been abridged or altered and we don’t even know it… Speaking … Continue reading


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Christian Apologetics

So here’s the story… A good friend of mine (anonymous for the time being) has agreed to do a class in Christian Apologetics at a Christian middle school. He’s an orthodox Trinitarian Christian but is a bit on the liberal … Continue reading

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The Random Music Meme

Instructions: Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud, and press play. Use the song title as the answer to the question. NO CHEATING. [nb: I didn’t cheat at all. I … Continue reading

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Speaking of Traditional Elements…

Check this out. It’s High Church ceremonial for the Offices from the 1850’s and it’s quite interesting to compare to current practice. (Things don’t seem to have changed much from what I’ve read so far…)

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The Anglican Road-Warrior

As most of you know, I spend about half my waking hours on a train and am quite reliant on my mobile technology. So, when M asked me to outfit her Palm for her I did… Here’s the core tech … Continue reading

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Faith-Based Biblical Scholarship Thoughts

Over at Cafe Apocalypsis there are some fascinating interviews with some evangelical biblical scholars on how their faith plays into their work. Interesting stuff. So far my favorite set of answers is from Dr. Craig Evans.

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Prayer Book Thoughts

I. The Anglican MissalDue to one of the parishes where M is assisting, we broke down and ordered a copy of the Anglican Missal. For those unfamiliar with it, the Missal is the mass-book par excellence for Anglo-Catholic clergy. If … Continue reading

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Baby News

I’m working on a post that deals with the whole issue of supplemental devotional manuals and the real solution in my eyes–modding your BCP stuff–but…here’s baby news (to keep Anastasia happy). Lil’ H is now up to 9lb 10ozs. She … Continue reading

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Extremely Brief Update

*This is the first time I’ve touched the computer in days.*M is preaching tomorrow; I’m helping out a little. (Yeah, they’re not wasting any time…)*I’ve been spending some time with the Anglican Missal and have some thoughts to share when … Continue reading

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Lent will be more simple this year. I often try to do to much and with baby-feeding in full swing major food changes are unwise. So–we’re being more intentional about doing the Offices, especially together. I, like lp, am also … Continue reading

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