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Be Afraid…Be Very Afraid

In thinking about liturgy and what we can do about it, Caelius earlier raised the frightening prospect of a Prayer Book revision in 2008. If GC’06 transpires as it seems to be unfolding, the church will be in chaos with … Continue reading

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Liturgy Thoughts

Over at Topmost Apple there’s a discussion about the east-wall altar written—I believe—by a current or former dean of Nashotah House. In any case, it’s interesting to see the responses. Furthermore, it’s time to set them within the larger picture. … Continue reading


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Stewardship Time Thoughts

Chris over at Lutheran Zephyr is thinking about stewardship time. I left a comment over there that I think really needs to be expanded on. I don’t have the brain cells to do it now but here’s the basics. Good … Continue reading

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Good News!

There would have even been a quiz last week…but I was in Philly for M’s ultrasound. It’s a healthy girl! We’re thrilled, of course, especially about the healthy part. Not that we’re not thrilled about the girl part–we are–but neither … Continue reading

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