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Churches and Non-Profits

I’ve got a few thoughts on the relationship between churches and non-profits sparked muchly by lp’s current predicament. I’ll get to them later, though… Let me just lead in with this…who’s the greatest non-profit organizer of early Christianity? Paul. Just … Continue reading

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Plainchant Thoughts: Medieval and Modern

M and I spent some time yesterday pointing Gospel texts for the Feast of the Ascension. Doing so brought some things to mind I thought I’d mention. On Gospel Tones First, plainchant in general and Gospel/Lection tones in particular are … Continue reading

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Revelations of Divine Algebra

or Everything you every wanted to know about Christological heresies but were afraid to ask I. Disclaimer I’ll start off with a disclaimer. This disclaimer is entirely directed towards my comrade D.C. for reasons that will become clear as I … Continue reading

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Anglo-Saxon Week in the Sanctorale

Yes, it’s an Anglo-Saxonist’s favorite week of the sanctoral cycle. Let’s dust off those feast day books and get ready… May 19–Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury and one of the main architects of the Benedictine Revival May 20–Alcuin, the learned Deacon … Continue reading

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Sick of the Da Vinci Code Hoopla Yet?

Probably, but there’s one adaptation that can’t be missed. Yes, it’s the Da Vinci Code in Middle English Verse!

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OE Easter Vigil

Okay–read over the RC and LME on the train. Here’s the thing…both the RC and the LME (Ae’s adaptation or customary-on-the-customary of the RC) both mandate Easter festivities “According to Gregory” and in line with OR I. In the secular … Continue reading

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New Article…

For the Journal of Advanced Toddler Studies. “‘Really Useful’ vs. ‘Confusion and Delay’: The Construction of Virtue and Vice in the Moral Universe of Thomas the Tank Engine“

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OE Question

For the medievalists in the house… I’m puzzled by some lines (ll. 150-152) in Pope XIa on Easter. And we wurðiað þa tid wurðlice mid sangum Seofon niht on an, swylce hit an dæg sy, For ðære micclan mærðe manncynes … Continue reading

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Vision for Clergy Education

I. Intro Indulge me for a bit in a visionary exercise. What could clergy formation look like if we moved out of the residential seminary paradigm? How could we make it more effective? What might it look like? I offer … Continue reading

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A Hymn for your Afternoon

Hat tip to Dale Rye over on T19 for a great hymn reminder. I’m *lovin’* the original stanza 2… Faith of our fathers, living still,In spite of dungeon, fire and sword;O how our hearts beat high with joyWhenever we hear … Continue reading

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