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Anglo-Saxon Monastic Education

I’ve been reading a lot of material on early medieval monastic education to prepare for writing chapter 2. It’s interesting stuff and all, but I keep getting the sense that many of the scholars are dropping the ball on an … Continue reading

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Reproducible Clergy Wanted Ad

Sarah Dylan Breuer left a good follow-up comment down on the previous post about pressures the *other way* in looking for a clergy job. Fundamentally, it comes down to expectations. Parishes have them and they want their clergy to meet … Continue reading

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Official News Bulletin…and a Rant

As those of you who read lutherpunk know, we have recently found out that we are expecting our second child. I am thrilled about this. I love being a daddy; now that Lil’ G is a toddler it’ll be nice … Continue reading

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The Blogger Personality/Politics Quizzes

In respose to lutherpunk’s tap, I went ahead and took the tests. Interesting results… – – – – – – – – – Overview: This post is a community experiment with two broad purposes. The first is to create publicly … Continue reading


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On Common Prayer

Praying and Thinking Our particular corner of the Anglo-Lutheran blogosphere has been in a mood on things liturgical over the past few days. *Christopher put up an expansive post responding to my request for thoughts on a certain parish practices. … Continue reading

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The Creeds II

So, in an earlier post I discussed some of the historical and exegetical issues surrounding the formation of the creeds. However, stating the origins of a thing and discussing its current applications are two different things. To summarize briefly, the … Continue reading

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Slowly it moves

Chapter 2 is up to ten pages. I’m plowing through the church year in order to talk about the lectionary. Looking back on what I’ve written, I fear I’ve said too much on the church year that may not be … Continue reading

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