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Lunch Break!

Stolen from LC 1. When you looked in the mirror first thing this morning, what was the first thing you thought?“Hmmm. I know I have to shave…but can I get away with not washing the hair…” I decided on a … Continue reading

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Random Book Ideas

Does anybody else do this? Keep a list of random books you’d like to write just as soon as you have the liesure to do so? Maybe not… Anyway, here are three for today: * An Early Medieval English CatechismThis … Continue reading

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Tale of Two Heretics

I was reflecting upon the whole denomination discussion below, especially in light of Annie’s comments. I typically keep audiences in mind when I write, and I find that when I write on denomination/doctrine issues I often think of Annie and … Continue reading

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Interesting Juxtaposition

Just recently now in my circle of blogging acquaintances we’ve had two very different views on sin. The first is from bls; the second from D.C. I can sympathize with DC. Modern scientific knowledge has improved. We realize that some … Continue reading

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Chinese Discovery of New World

I just saw this over at CNN. It’s great fun to see people squabble over second place… 😀

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Demoninations–What’s the Point?

A good discussion below got me thinking again about the whole issue of denominationalism. I used t be a branch theorist–an ecclesiology much pilloried over at Pontificator and other sites. That’s the theory that the Great Tradition of the church … Continue reading

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Someone needs to explain this to me

What is this? How could this happen? What does this mean about and for Lutheran and Methodist Eucharistic and sacramental theologies? I only know 2 Methodists who have a eucharistic theology remotely close to a Lutheran one; one comments here, … Continue reading

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The Scriptures and Development

This looked very interesting. I respect Dr. Seitz work–the little I’ve heard of it. This is clearly fragmentary but I fifnd myself in a different place from where I think he’s going because there’s a turn he doesn’t quite make … Continue reading

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Truly Random Thoughts…

On Homer… The Odyssey is such a terrific book. If you haven’t read it recently, please do. The Robert Fitzgerald translation, please. The *only* flaw with it is that it doesn’t end; it just stops. Hecatombs here, there, and everywhere. … Continue reading

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Breaking (?) News


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