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Fama, malum qua non aliud velocius ullum

I’ve been thinking in recent days of Virgil’s classic personification of Fama—Rumor—in Book 4 of the Aeneid: Swift through the Libyan cities Rumor sped.Rumor! What evil can surpass her speed?In movement she grows mighty, and achievesstrength and dominion as she … Continue reading


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The Creeds I

This post and the subsequent post that follows it flow from a discussion that I was having with The Anglican Scotist over at his site. I thought that I would write it up as a sustained argument to see how … Continue reading

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Feast of St Mary Magdalene

I can never think about Mary Magdalene without thinking about these images by Georges La Tour. I love La Tour’s work because of his use of light and shadow. Word is, he was a rather unpleasant character–as artists can be–but … Continue reading

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[Update: The majority of the links are now fixed though a few recalcitrant ones linger…] Up until a short while ago, I used to describe myself as an Anglo-Catholic. I don’t anymore. I no longer claim that title because I … Continue reading

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