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What We’re Up To…

{Update: Deleted cute baby picture due to blogger problems} You know about Lil’ G; here’s Lil’ H:9 lb, 21″ long…

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I’d do a trackback but Blogger doesn’t “do” trackbacks… Lp has started an interesting discussion on Satan and on the lack of reference to Satan/the Devil/ the demonic/etc. in the sorts of academically rigorous moderate-to-liberal protestant semnaries of the type … Continue reading


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Read This

This was written as (essentially) an anonymous rant in a England-wide clergy directory. The author was a disaffected Anglo-Catholic who committed suicide when his authorship of the piece was discovered. I need to study it more but it is very … Continue reading

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Something’s Happening…

But nobody has any idesa what the hell it is… Check it out. What does this mean? Nobody knows but the Network seems to be making more of a muddle of things than drawing clarity out of them. This is … Continue reading

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The Mission Problem

Ok–one more quick thought. It’s about mission. One of the key problems that people aren’t owning up to–or, at least, aren’t owning up to well–is the problem that we are not working in anything even vaguely approaching a homogenous mission … Continue reading

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Theological Isolationism

Ever feel like being a theological isolationist? Like putting up some walls and saying–look, I know y’all don’t like the way me and mine receive and practice our Christian heritage…just let us do our thing in peace. You’re probably not … Continue reading

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Danish Cartoons

Quick note here. This from someone with a Danish last name and soon to be two daughters with quite Scandinavian names… I think that by and large American commentators have missed one of the major presenting issues in the whole … Continue reading

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Kudos to Dave on a good post about what one liberal Methodist looks like. Dave and I don’t agree on a number of things–mostly politics and football–but it’s nice to see somebody articulating a progressive agenda without also attempting to … Continue reading

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True Words

From this morning’s Office: 39Dixi, Custodiam [638] I said, “I will keep watch upon my ways, * so that I do not offend with my tongue. I will put a muzzle on my mouth * while the wicked are in … Continue reading

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That Tongue is Really Disturbing…

I’m on break from some sports show on TV. There are folks who only come to church on Christmas and Easter. They’re not sure what page to be on or where the “S” section is to be found in the … Continue reading

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