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St Michael and All Angels

I confess to you, my brothers and sisters…I was a total slacker this morning and slept in when I ought to have been singing the morning office in honor of Michael and all angels. Here’s my penance: Archangel Michael, great … Continue reading

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Just Another Pleasant & Rewarding Day in the Salt Mines

* Things are off-the-hook busy around work these days and I’ve been applying my few blasted brain cells to juggling matters there. If you’re expecting correspondence from me it may be a couple of days… * Restructuring of chapter 2 … Continue reading

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Good News/Bad News

Last night I wrote one of the best paragraphs I think I’ve written for the diss that absolutely grabs the heart of chapter two. Here it is: The interpretation of a text is fundamentally shaped by the circumstances within which … Continue reading

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Really Random

At Mass last night the lector read a section of 2 Timothy 3 as the Epistle for the feast of St Matthew. This inlcudes good ol’ 3:16 which actually is a favorite verse of mine: All scripture is given by … Continue reading

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The Menologium

I. Introduction Early medieval service books—sacramentaries, collectars, psalters, etc.—often began with kalendars (the ‘k’ is a convention used to identify this particular genre). Various kinds of information are collected within these documents. They cover twelve pages—one for each month. At … Continue reading

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Mandatory Reading

Dr. Adam (aka AKMA) has posted some of the material he presented at a clergy day. The first part* is an excellent overview of the problems of interpretation in an ecclesial context and maps some of the very real issues … Continue reading

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Liturgical Things

Ok, a bit overdue but… Wednesday night was great. You know, just a regular weekday mass with 20+ servers, 7 priests and a presiding bishop. I was the second torchbearer from the right. Literally. A wonderful time was had by … Continue reading

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