Something’s Happening…

But nobody has any idesa what the hell it is… Check it out. What does this mean? Nobody knows but the Network seems to be making more of a muddle of things than drawing clarity out of them. This is (IMHO) the Continuing Anglican malaise–nobody ever really knows who’s with who, who trusts who, and who communes with whom.


About Derek Olsen

I'm a layman within the Episcopal Church with a PhD in New Testament and an interest in most things medieval, monastic, and liturgical. My chief job is keeping up with my priestly wife and our two awesome kids. In addition to that, I earn a living, run the St Bede's Breviary, listen to loud goth/industrial music, and do some stuff for the church. I currently serve as Secretary to the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music where I'm also co-chair of the Calendar committee and chair of the Digital Publications committee.
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8 Responses to Something’s Happening…

  1. LutherPunk says:

    IS there supposed to be a link in there somewhere?

  2. Derek the Ænglican says:

    Heh. Oops–fixed now… 🙂

  3. LutherPunk says:

    Thanks…I think reading through the comments are almost as interesting as the original post.

    So are there exact numbers on how many parishes were once part of the ECUSA but now are no longer in the ECUSA? I would be interested to see those.

  4. Derek the Ænglican says:

    There’s an incomplete list of parish departures that’s appeared here. Nobody seems terribly sure where it came from, so it’s biases are unknown…there’s more discussion about the site here.

  5. Lutheran Zephyr says:

    From an outsider’s perspective, this looks like a mess. It is not unlike the mess that exists in the ELCA with the Word Alone movement and the small but growing alternative quasi-denomination, Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ. But what makes the ECUSA divisions unique is your Episcopal polity, and this notion that an African bishop can “pick up” a north american congregation to maintain its connection to the Anglican communion, etc.. It all seems very technical . . .

  6. Anastasia says:

    it’s desperate.

  7. Derek the Ænglican says:

    There’s one good piece of news out of all of this. For the Lutherans and others who may not be aware the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) does one better than Luther; they’re firm believers in the *episcopacy* of all believers… Woohoo! Purple shirts all around!!

  8. LutherPunk says:


    (tears off black clergy shirt and throws it to the ground)

    I’m a Bishop!

    (dons purple shirt that has been in the closet for emergency Episcopal consecration)

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