One of the great things about the web is that it isn’t static . . . As and/or if more entries come in for the Christian Identity Carnival, I’ll plug them into to the original post. Thus, I’ll draw to your attention that the Anglican Scotists has presented the first of what seems to be a series of posts addressing the various topics.

I won’t go in to depth on this now, but we need to have a good and thorough discussion about Scripture. I’ve written or scripture before, of course, but it’s time to look closely at text and hermeneutics. Folks from several different sides–like the Scotist and David and some others at Per Christum–have been rejecting the “plain sense of the text.” This is a polemical position that isn’t really arguing about the “plain sense”; rather, it argues against the identification and application of said plain sense…

More later.


About Derek Olsen

I'm a layman within the Episcopal Church with a PhD in New Testament and an interest in most things medieval, monastic, and liturgical. My chief job is keeping up with my priestly wife and our two awesome kids. In addition to that, I earn a living, run the St Bede's Breviary, listen to loud goth/industrial music, and do some stuff for the church. I currently serve as Secretary to the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music where I'm also co-chair of the Calendar committee and chair of the Digital Publications committee.
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One Response to Addition

  1. Gaunilo says:

    Bring on the more. We do need to have a discussion on scripture. Especially for we theologians.

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